Little Apps: Orientation

By Danny Kaplan | April 16, 2019

Little Apps provide interactive computing with no coding to calculate statistics, fit models, and display statistical concepts.

Every Little App is built around a common framework:

  • At the core is a data graphic. The vertical axis is the response variable and the horizontal axis is the explanatory variable.
  • Controls enable you to select a data set and variables.
  • Set the sample size and easily display a new sample.
  • Statistics are shown as annotations, always with respect to the data.
  • A statistics tab, under the graph, gives numerical descriptions of the statistics.
  • Most have measurement “sticks” that allow you easily to read values and differences from the graphic.

Each Little App is a specialist in a particular style of display or statistical annotation, e.g. proportions, regression, t-tests, etc.

Enjoy! You can learn a lot just playing with data.

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